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Academic Deans

There are six Academic Deans at Missional University which provide administrative oversight of their respective schools or colleges in regard to budget, curriculum, student assessment and retention, external relations with outside stakeholders, faculty hires, student concerns and facilitate faculty governance of the six distinct schools with over 92 unique programs of study. The six schools are the School of Community Ministry, the School of Creative Expression, the School of Ecological Mission, the School of Missional Practice, the School of Theological Studies, and The Missional College.

Dr. Carol Olsen

The Missional College
Focus: Intercultural Education

Dr. Noemi Montiel

School of Creative Expression
Focus: Missional Communication

Dr. Kerry McRoberts

School of Missional Practice
Focus: Missional Engagement

Dr. Eric Tangumonkem

School of Ecological Mission
Focus: Ecomissiology

Dr. Tiffany Boykin

School of Community Ministry
Focus: Missional Service

Dr. Hughson Ong

School of Theological Studies
Focus: Biblical Foundations