With deep-rooted commitment to the Bible, and historical tested principles in missions, students at the Theological College of Africa are prepared to engage the African workplaces, rural and urban spaces, and the multi-cultural contexts of the emerging African states. With modern online resources, missions-minded faculty, vibrant spirituality, effective mentoring scheme, and animated intercultural social skills, we hope our students will seek to engage the African worldviews and traditional spirituality in the services of missions. We also offer insights into religious trends in modern Africa and the enormous missions opportunities on the African continent, thus helping to equip men and women around the world who are interested to come to Africa for either longer or short term mission work.

Positioned within an evangelical ethos, the Theological College of Africa seeks to engineer a new missions paradigm which gives priority to the African practice of missions, and grounds this missions convictions from an excellent biblical and theological perspective using the online virtual environment. 

We welcome you to the Theological College of Africa - where we pray that 21st century technology coupled with indigenous missions training at Missional University will fuel a missional movement across Africa and beyond!  

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

Dr. Matthew Michael
Dean of the Theological College of Africa 
Email:   mmichael@missional.university
Phone:   803-618-1328 ext 700