Welcome to the Theological College of Africa!

The African continent has one of the fastest growing populations in the world with an estimated population of 900 million Africans living in Sub-Saharan Africa alone (United Nations, World Population Prospects: The 2010 Revision (New York: UN Population Division; United Nations Population Division, 2011). Surprisingly, at the heart of this growing population, Africa also has one of the fastest growths of evangelical Christianity in the world. On the continent of Africa, millions of conversions are taking place every year, in mass crusades and revival programmes, to a conservative form of Christianity. In its popular expression, African Christianity is traditionally evangelical -- manifested in spirited sermons, prayers and songs over Africa, the lordship of Jesus Christ is readily acknowledged and his surpassing power over evil is openly celebrated.  

Unfortunately, conventional seminaries and Bible colleges in Africa are unable to train and disciple these many Christians in missions because of the sheer numbers of Christian conversions taking place daily on the African continent. To mobilize this multitude of Christians for global missions, the Missional University launches the Theological College of Africa to change this dynamic. The College of Africa is an innovative missions’ initiative to train, equip and empower godly men and women for missions in Africa and the diaspora through online technology. Through this school, Missional University desires to change the trajectory of mission work in Africa in the re-engineering of this Christian population to make global impact in missions.  

While the use of the internet technology has not completely held sway over the entirety of the African continent, the technology has increasingly gained acceptance among the traditional Africa society with the growing use of phones and other communication media. In this evolving modern space, and its enormous Christian presence, the Theological College of Africa seeks to disciple African Christians in both lay and professional circles for the task of world missions. It underscores the importance of Africa in modern global missions, with its growing position as the largest Christian hub on earth, and the attending significance of this paradigmatic shift.

The Theological College of Africa offers programs at four educational levels for adult learners:

  • Elementary -- for African adults who have barely 1 - 6 grades of education
  • Secondary -- Middle School learners at 7 - 8th grade level and High School level for those with 10 - 12th grades of education
  • Undergraduate -- those who have completed 12 years of  education
  • Graduate -- those who have completed their first degree in an accredited university or seminary 

The training of different levels of education within the College of Africa is primarily to help redefine the present missions dynamic on the African continent with the growing population of Christians who have different levels of education but who desire training in Christian missions. The school wants to change this existing demography and reposition the Christian population for effective mission work in Africa and among Africans in diaspora.